[ic] error in routing

Andreas, Scott Scott.Andreas@learningco.com
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:23:50 -0800

I get this error in when an order is submitted.

Error during creation of order routing main:
Empty order routing main (and not explicitly empty) at
/usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1541.

the order page has 
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_route   VALUE="log main glenda copy_user">

 catalog.cfg has
ParseVariables Yes
Route log         attach          0
Route log         cybermode       ""
Route log         empty           1
Route log         encrypt         0
Route log         increment       0
Route log         report          etc/log_transaction
Route log         supplant        0
Route log         track           logs/log

Route log_entry   attach          0
Route log_entry   cybermode       ""
Route log_entry   empty           1
Route log_entry   encrypt         0
Route log_entry   increment       0
Route log_entry   report          etc/log_entry
Route log_entry   supplant        0
Route log_entry   track           logs/log

Route copy_user   attach          0
Route copy_user   cybermode       ""
Route copy_user   empty           1
Route copy_user   encrypt         0
Route copy_user   increment       0
Route copy_user   report          etc/mail_receipt
Route copy_user   supplant        0
Route copy_user   track           logs/log

Route glenda      attach                0
Route glenda      cybermode        ""
Route glenda      empty                1
Route glenda      encrypt               0
Route glenda      increment           0
Route glenda      supplant             1
Route glenda      email                  scotta@ls.learnserv.com
Route glenda      reply                    scotta@ls.learnserv.com

Route main_email   email     '__ORDERS_TO__'
Route main_email   reply      '__ORDERS_TO__'

# Main route must be last to make default
Route main        attach           0
Route main        credit_card      0
Route main        cybermode        ""
Route main        default          1
Route main        encrypt          0
Route main        encrypt_program  '__ENCRYPTOR__'
Route main        errors_to        '__ORDERS_TO__'
Route main        increment        0
Route main        pgp_cc_key       ""
Route main        pgp_key          ""
Route main        receipt          etc/receipt.html
Route main        report           etc/report
Route main        supplant         1
Route main        individual_track orders
Route main        track            logs/tracking.asc

J. Scott Andreas :)
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