[ic] size:pricing doesn't work

Sebastian Kummer sebastian.kummer@pointec.de
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 19:58:25 +0100

hey interchange list,

it's the first time I'm writing to the list, so I'm a little bit nervous ;-)

I'm building a shop for a client. They want a lot of price variations.
so, i add fields in the pricing table, and added the follow line in the

CommonAdjust products:price ; ==size:pricing

i've put the variations with the fieldnames into the size field of the
product table.
Everything worked fine, till I've changed the database to MySql.

After this, the function screwed up!!!!

in the template I loop trough the products with:

	[loop prefix=size arg="[item-accessories size, options]"]

and show the price with
	[price code="[item-code]" size="[size-code]"]

and the "buy-link"
		<A HREF="[area form="

Now, after switching to mysql, the price is always $0.00 in the template and
in the basket.
the pricing table is OK, 'cause I can access the price with
	[data table=pricing column=[size-code] key=[item-code]]

It seems that the CommonAdjust line is gone to be ignored!

I don't now what to do!!!!!
Any suggestion??

Thanks a lot!


Sebastian Kummer