[ic] Basket content

Bill Randle billr@exgate.tek.com
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:14:44 -0800

Mark Johnson wrote:
> Bill Randle wrote:
> >
> > I may be missing something, but why not:
> >         [perl global=1]
> >             use Vend::Session;
> >             @$Vend::Items = ();
> >             put_session();
> >             get_session();
> >             init_session();
> >         [/perl]
> >
> > This is what "mv_cancel" does.
> >
> >         -Bill
> That certainly works. Putting mv_action=cancel in your query string
> seems easier to me. Just a matter of calling code that exists over
> re-writing and reparsing it.

For sure! I was under the impression that the requestor wanted to clear
the cart without doing a form submission, like perhaps he had some
other inline Perl code that did some checks and under some condition
wanted to clear the cart without doing a seperate submit. On the
otherhand, one could argue that the way to do that is via a mv_click
routine that changes the mv_action from "submit" to "cancel" when the
cart needs to be cleared. We don't really know enough about his
requirements to say.