[ic] Need help with Secure server setup

Guy Soudant soudant@home.nl
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 08:22:46 +0100

Hi All,

I run the 4.6.3 interchange server, and it all works fine on the normal 
webserver. But when I try to chech out using a secure server, or call 
pages on the secure server (except for the main index page) I get a 404 
Error. The secure server itself works fine, and I can browse all folders 
on the secure server (has been activated for test purposes). I can access
the main index page through the secure server 
(https://mydomain.net). If I try to view a 
different page on my secure server, then I also get a 404 error. In my 
opinion this is strange, since when I access 
http://www.mydomain.net/construct I see the same directory structure as 
when I call https://mydomain.net/construct.

The IP addresses are exactly the same for the regular and secure server.

Is there anyone who knows what I did wrong and how I can get this secure 
server to work properly with Interchange. I simply cannot figure out why 
I get this error. 

PS1! If you like you can view the setup of the admin client with the 
standard login details at http://tvguidecentral.net. Don't ruin the 
install though
PS2! I have this problem with both Netscape 6 as well as IE 5

Help highly appreciated.

Thanx in advance

Guy Soudant