[ic] interchange server don't stop

Costa Armin (Student Econ99) Armin.Costa@unibz.it
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:02:12 +0100

To stop interchange defenitely try simple to cancell all program directories
and stop the interchange server by killing the appropriate process with this

kill -9 79876     (79876 should be replaced with the PID of the interchange

I hope it works, On my server I killed the server several times in this way

Italian Guy

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Subject: [ic] interchange server don't stop

     I have installe interchange and this server is initialized good.

   But if I make ./interchange --stop show me this error message:

    Could not lock file: Recurso no disponible temporalmente.

And the example construct not run, cgi don't connect with the server and 
the permisions are good.

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