[ic] checkout lag

Dave Barr barrd@mac.com
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:33:15 +0000

You haven't said what user-agents or OS you were using... however I 
had the same problem using Netscrape under Mac/Unix/Wdoze. With M$IE 
the tables are built much faster. The reason is that there is a great 
deal of extraneousness HTML (produced with a WYSIWYG editor?) in the 
standard pages that come with the "Construct Something" distribution.

Try cutting back the HTML (and I also seem to remember that for me at 
least, removing the JavaScript that does a tax lookup if in the 
States expedited things somewhat).


>I have 4.6.3 installed and running using the test store. All seems well,
>except for the annoying 10 second delay between when I click the
>Checkout button and when the next page is displayed.
>The archives suggest maybe a DNS delay, but this happens on two separate
>hosts, each with respectable hardware (both run Redhat Linux). Using a
>non-secure URL doesn't help, nor does using a local address for email
>delivery of the order info. "uptime" reports reasonable cpu loads. Does
>anyone know how to remedy or even diagnose this?