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At 12:26 PM 03/16/2001 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>     I am posting this question 2nd time since my erlier qustion not yet been
>     My client bassically selles cakes and flowers, the bussiness rule in
>this is priceing the items depending on the weight and units,
>CAKES: for example 1 quantity of American Chocolate cake costs depending on
>the weight like 1kg -- $10, 2kg -- $20 and so on....
>FLOWER Bouquets: these costs like 1 quantity of  XXX flower Bouquet costs
>depending on the unit of flowers used in it ... like 1 dozen of flowers used
>in it costs $10 , 1 1/2 dozen costs $15 and so on...
>     so, please help me out, how can sovlve this problem?
>Thanks for any advise,

Using item modifiers (Accessories) in conjunction with CommonAdjust pricing 
is one way to handle this:

in catalog.cfg...

UseModifier weight,flower
CommonAdjust products:price, ==weight:pricing, ==flower:pricing

in pricing database...

sku     1kg     2kg     1doz    1.5doz
cake    10      20
bouquet                 10      15

Then set the modifier on the order form for the item, either in a hidden 
form variable (mv_order_wieght=1kg) or using [item-accessories nnnnn] to 
read a list of selections from the products database.

I realize this is a little sketchy.  there are several steps in setting 
this up.  Unfortunately the latest docs (at least the HTML versions online) 
are quite deficient in describing this feature.  I suggest you get your 
hands on a late copy of the Minivend docs (still archived at 
ftp.akopia.com, I believe) and give the section on CommonAdjust a good read.

- Ed L.

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