[ic] Install Problem on FBSD box.. please help

Mike K mikeslists@msquaredweb.net
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:52:24 -0800

Hello everyone....

I setup the user interchange and ran ./configure.  It installed the required
perl modules and then said to cd /usr/local/interchange then type

However, there is no bin subdir of interchange.  I did cat locale.error and
the output is pasted below.  Please help!!


Locale en_US <<EOF
"CfgMgr - bad call combo_select: no name",

"CfgMgr - bad call combo_select: name=%s",

"CfgMgr: found line '%s'",

"Bad SQL query selector: '%s' for %s",

"Could not open shipping file %s: %s",

"Bad shipping configuration for mode %s, skipping.",

"Bad shipping file for zone '%s', lookup disabled.",

"Could not open salestax file %s: %s",

"Vend::Data export: non-existent database %s",

"Adding field %s",

"Deleting %s...",

"Deleting field %s",

"Bad data '%s' '%s' '%s'",

"Safe: %s\n%s\n",

"Safe: %s\n%s\n",

"Missing special page: %s",

"Missing special page: %s",

"No search page '%s' found!",

"Missing special page: %s",

"Missing special page: %s",

"CyberCash module found (CyberCash 2).",

"CyberCash module found (CyberCash 3).",

"Test CyberCash SetServer:\n%s\n",

"non-existent database '%s'",

"Bad search type %s: %s",

"Bad search column '%s'",

"Bad search column '%s'",

"Bad script name '%s' for reconfig.",

"Reconfig of %s successful, build=%s.",

"Error reconfiguring catalog %s from running server (%s)\n%s",

"INET mode error port %s: %s\n\nContinuing in UNIX MODE ONLY\n",

"INET mode server failed to start on port %s: %s",


"error '%s' from select.",

"Died in select, retrying: %s",

"Can't fork: %s",

"Runtime error: %s",

"Runtime error: %s",

"Died in server spawn: %s",

"Died in housekeeping, retry.",

"STOP server (%s) on signal TERM",

"START server (%s) (%s)",

"Hammered session lock %s left by PID %s",

"Vend::UserDB error: %s\n",

"Vend::UserDB error: %s\n",

"attempt to set non-existant locale '%s'",

"attempt to set non-existant currency '%s'",

"Can't read file '%s' with NoAbsolute set",

"Can't read file '%s' with NoAbsolute set",

"table %s created: %s",

"table %s index failed: %s",

"set_row %s: field with value '%s' removed from record '%s'",

"notes_field='%s' delimiter: %s",

"Can't check HTML: No global CheckHTML defined. Contact admin.",

"Difficulty interacting with browser: %s",

"Missing special page: interact",

"Page cache failure: %s",

"Attempt to order missing product code: %s",

"Attempt to order missing product code: %s",

"Attempted database operation without table, fields, or key.\n" .
      "Table: '%s'\n" .
      "Fields:'%s'\n" .
      "Key:   '%s'\n",

"Alias %s used a second time, skipping.\n",

"Bad alias %s, skipping.\n",

"Attempt to remove non-existant catalog %s.\n",

"Can't find catalog '%s'",

"Config '%s' %s",

"%s config error: %s",

"%s config error: %s",

"Undefined catalog: %s",

"Can't set group to GID %s: %s",

"Can't set group to GID %s: %s",

"Reconfig '%s' rebuild=%s",