[ic] set-cookie tag + the expire parameter

Dave Barr barrd@cricinfo.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:02:03 +0000

IC 4.6.3 / Perl 5.005-03

Hi y'all,
I have a question about the [set-cookie] tag...
Having gone thro all the dox, and the developer site I cannot find
anywhere what the format is for the 'expire' parameter. To date nothing
I have tried will show up in the MagicCookie file, however, server side
cookies (leaving out the expire parameter) work just fine.

I've always used Netscapes specs:
which basically state that the expire parameter should be expressed as:
[set-cookie name=foo value=bar expire="Tuesday, 20-Mar-2001 23:00:00 GMT"]

This does not work, as indeed was putting in the number of days till
expiration which was my next guess. No error messages are produced, the
tag is simply ignored.

Has anyone managed to get this working or point me in a different
direction? Any help appreciated.