[ic] who should i use for a credit card merchant

Bobby G. Brown, Jr. interchange@superiorsites.net
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 14:25:59 -0600

Once I sign up with a company such as Verisign is it very hard to configure
Interchange to use their service.  Also, will Interchange go ahead and
complete the transaction or will it only verify the credit card for me.
Finally, will Verisign be able to help me set this up?
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> >Does anyone have any suggestions on who i should use as a credit card
> >merchant that is compatible with interchange?
> I would suggest Verisign. http://www.verisign.net/payment
> Their prices are reasonable (not nearly as expensive as Cybercash), their
> service has only been down for 1 hour in the last 9 months and their
> is good.  Setup fees are about $250 and $60 a month per account.  Good
> -Ron
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