[ic] who should i use for a credit card merchant

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 12:36:37 -0800

>Once I sign up with a company such as Verisign is it very hard to configure
>Interchange to use their service.  Also, will Interchange go ahead and
>complete the transaction or will it only verify the credit card for me.
>Finally, will Verisign be able to help me set this up?


It is not difficult to setup Verisign on your system if it is a supported
platform (check the requirements for their payflow pro software).  The only
setup needed on the IC side can be found in the eg directory of the tar
distribution, there is a file called 'signio' or 'verisign' (Signio was the
name of the company prior to merging, use Signio and Verisign when searching
the archives).  It basically consists of changing a path to the binary, put
a few directives in the catalog.cfg and testing.

The process works like so:

1. User enters CC info and presses checkout
2. IC calls custom charge routine 'signio' which in turn calls pay flow pro
3.  Pay flow pro opens a secure link with Verisign requesting either
Authorization (if you want to wait to charge once it ships) or Sale (charge
right now).
4.  The result codes come back and are parsed by the routine which then
either accepts the request or denies it with errors.
5.  IC interprets the return codes and either displays the errors on the
checkout form or finishes the order and the receipt is shown.

Verisign's support will only go as far as helping you with the Pay Flow pro
setup, I do not think they have anyone that is IC aware (at least not that I
have talked too).  If you are running on the alpha platform I'm available to
help you setup the Java SDK from Compaq and get the Java version of PfPro
running (it's a pain!)

Good luck,