[ic] Master Merchant, HELP please!

Brian Bisaillon bbisaillon@pmail.net
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 00:56:58 -0500

I want to host several businesses' storefronts on our web server. To do so
we require that each business have their own Internet Merchant Account.
Therefore, we would essentially be a Master Merchant. Royal Bank here in
Canada doesn't provide Master Merchant account status. They referred me to
another company called internetsecure (www.internetsecure.com). I was
wondering what's the best way I can achieve my goal? This is the only thing
holding us back from starting our business. After this we can scope out our
customer base and if that's good we can see a lawyer and get the ball

A few more questions though:

If we offload the task of internet merchant accounts to say
internetsecure.com for example, do they give us the SSL certificates to
stick on our server? So like joeblow.whatever.org is a vhost and that
business signed up with internetsecure.com through us to get their internet
merchant account, internetsecure.com gave us the ssl certs and we put them
on our server for the vhost joeblow.whatever.org and that is their online
storefront (catalog) with interchange. Is that how it works? I need to fill
in the missing pieces of the puzzle here... any help would be appreciated...