[ic] old name persists

dingdong dingdong.sobida@q-linux.com
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 16:02:08 +0800


have you tried editing your inerchange.cfg file. say for example
the new store's name is "Threads" you have to add this on top
of the interchange.cfg

                Catalog       Threads    /var/lib/interchange/Threads
/cgi-bin/tryThreads    /Threads

hope it helps



"F. James Rohlf" wrote:

> To save time, I made a copy of the constuct demo and gave it a new name. I
> have gone through all of the file in the html directory and the interchange
> directory to make sure that the word 'construct' no longer is in any of the
> files. However, when I run it clicking on any href takes me to the original
> construct directory. There must be another file that gives the home
> directory. What else do I have to change to make the copy of construct
> forget its original location?
> Thanks! Jim
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