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jojo@blackpoint.de jojo@blackpoint.de
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 13:20:23 +0100 (CET)

On 21 Mar, Ton Verhagen wrote:
> Jojo,
> At 11:39 AM 3/21/01 +0100, you wrote:
>>I'm glad to get your hint. But I did not find it in the docs.
>>Can you point me, where I can get more informations about mv_delay_page?
> [DEL]
> ictemplates.pod:
> mv_delay_page        dp  S   Delay search until after inital page display
> One could use mv_delay_page on a search form in order to display a page 
> immediately while waiting for the results of a time consuming search. The 
> results page would be displayed once the search was completed.
> As far as can recall mv_delay_page was still in MV4.0, but I haven't found 
> it in IC4.6.4. Maybe it is taken out (by accident).
> If it's taken out, start banging on Mike and his team to put it back in 
> again. This kind of functionality should be part of the default 
> distribution imho. Maybe it's been replaced by something else, but I 
> haven't found that either.
> Good luck,
> Ton

Thank you a lot! Hmmm...can I use mv_delay_page outside of any search
and results pages? If I recall right, I can use [search-region send=1]
in my results page too, to get the same behavior like mv_delay_page.
Hmmm...is there any MV/IC-Tag like [page-region send=1] to display a
page immediately during the page building by IC?



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