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Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 10:27:08 -0500

Quoting F. James Rohlf (rohlf@life.bio.sunysb.edu):
> I seemed to have touched a raw nerve!
> Yes, I am a programmer! I started using SOAP (an assembly language) on the
> IBM 650 in 1958. I have gone through _many_ languages since then. I also am
> quite comfortable in HTML etc. However, when there is a tool that saves time
> I use it. I want to get the job done. Developing an entire website in an
> ASCII editor is possible (I have done it to learn) but it is a waste of time
> for routine use when _real_ HTML editors offer so many conveniences.
> I asked the question because I thought there might be enough usage of IC
> that someone would have developed special add-on tools for one of the HTML
> editors. I take it that the answer is 'no'.

Please, no editor wars. This is off-topic.

As a side note, at one time I spent hundreds of hours trying to
integrate FrontPage '97/98 with (at that time) Minivend. It was a
losing proposition, as when I delved into the SDK I found quite a few
limitations and not a few bugs. Though I am sure they have been fixed
somewhat, the non-open nature of FrontPage makes it like pulling teeth
to get information about the SDK.  Add the bad security problems of
the FrontPage publisher and it became clear that it was time to give
it up. (I probably would never have started if it had been a Microsoft
product to begin with -- perhaps noone else remembers Vermeer, who they
bought it from.)

Another problem I found was that FrontPage "masterminded" the HTML,
relocating comments to whereever if wanted, urlencoding things that should
have been left untouched, etc. They have since added the equivalent of
a <notouch> tag, but I was soured on FrontPage forever at that point.

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