[ic] Basket won't go anwhere

davidb davidb@communitylink.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 09:27:21 -0600

I just tested out my new catalog before inputting any data to make sure that
I could place an order and to be certain that the secure server worked.
This all appeared to be fine. Next, I added items descriptions and images
and customized a few other pages. Now, when I try to place an order from the
basket, the page never gets anywhere.  It tries to reach the secure server
but wont respond.  Also, after doing this, all other attempts to access
admin have resulted in extremely slow load times. I have tried to restart IC
several times to no effect. Could this be a problem with the SSL?  I checked
my permissions and everything seemed ok.  The only thing I could think of is
that I deleted something from the cart template.  I will continue to check
the templates for trouble.  The other site that I built works fine and uses
the same secure server.  Any advice is appreciated.