[ic] open login warning (?)

Dan Garwood res087jh@verizon.net
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:25:06 -0500

I am on a modified 4.6.3 Interhange and I tried this little back door easter
egg. It does work. I looked in the access.asc file and it appears there are
several account sin there, that are not needed. Mike are these accounts
needed for the proper function of the UI or interchange. Or can we clear you
the asccess.asc file and start fresh to eliminate this security risk? Thank
you for your help.

Dan Garwood
E-Profit Designs

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> ":backup" with no
> password.  I believe it is a group definition.  It allows logins without a
> password and possesses nearly full permissions.
> I'm asterisk-ing out the password field to prevent logins.

It works also on 4.6.3...


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