[ic] open login warning (?)

Jason Korkin jason@korksoft.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:58:46 -0500


If you add a '*' in the password field in the access.asc file it will
indeed block access to this user.  If you look at the ":orders"
group((in access.asc) it provides an example on how to "lock" this from
becoming a login account.


Jason Korkin.
Korksoft LLC

LM wrote:
> Is the solution to this to just add "*" to products.asc?
> >From looking at the sample catalog's configuration, no users
> are members of that group - at least, none appear to have
> been made members of it explicitly.  Does anyone know
> if this is correct?
> Does adding a password of "*" for the ":backup" group affect
> IC in any other way?
> I think I'm missing the reason for this group's existence; if
> someone could explain it to me I'd really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Larry
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