[ic] Advice please on whether Interchange is the right path

Master Abductor abductor@abductor.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:13:12 -0800

Just curious, what do you mean by implementing? Are you writing your own
custom module for interchange to work with debit cards and checks via
Verisign, or can it work that way now?

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Ron Phipps wrote:

> I'm
> not positive on this answer but I think they can use Debit cards (if they
> have a Visa or MC logo) but I have not seen check functionality listed
> anywhere.  Have a good one!
> -Ron

We are about to implement Verisign here.  In our research and from their web

        VeriSign authorizes, manages,
        and supports all major credit cards, debit cards, and
        guaranteed electronic check purchases.

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