[ic] how can customers purchase a list of skus

Ian Molesworth Ian.Molesworth@2020Me.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 09:10:21 -0000

This is another form of the request that I posted early this month. It would
be really powerfull addition to interchange if there was an API that allowed
shopping lists to be submitted in an XML based format, something along the
lines of cXML or a biztalk like standard.

If something already exists could the 'great ones' out there please point we
mere mortals in the right direction.


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Subject: [ic] how can customers purchase a list of skus

The part numbers used in my online stores are widely known and 
standardized.  And the parts are basically commodity parts.  Often times 
people know that they need a whole list of parts and do not need to browse, 
shop and "be sold" on each individual part.

So ... here is the question.  If a customer has a list of part numbers how 
can I allow them to insert or copy that list into a text input box and then 
have every item on that list either appear in their cart or in a search 
results page.  I am sure this is possible but I am wondering if anyone has 
done this and if they have any code they can share as to how it was 



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