[ic] RE: error accessing genconfig.html in IC administration

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 07:40:31 -0500

Quoting Curt Hauge (chc@mninter.net):
> I have gone a little further in troubleshooting this error.
> This error
> Can't read file '/local_path/catalogs/mycat/etc/status.mycat' with NoAbsolute set
> seems to be coming from Util.pm. I have grepped lib/Vend for "Can't read
> file" and it is found only in Util.pm on two lines. It can also be found in
> interchange/locale.error (Util.pm:3 and Util.pm:4, which is how I found it in
> Util.pm). Anyone know what to check for next? There is obviously a clue
> somewhere in line 892, but what does it all mean? =) 

This is a UI error, and is really nothing to worry about. We will fix
it in the next version by using a UserTag to read the status file.

You can eliminate the error with this patch to lib/UI/pages/genconfig.html

diff -r1.17 genconfig.html
<       <TD>[file name=`"$Config->{ConfDir}/status.$Config->{CatalogName}"`] ([page __UI_BASE__/reconfig @@MV_PAGE@@]apply now</A>)</TD>
>       <TD>[file name=`"etc/status.$Config->{CatalogName}"`] ([page __UI_BASE__/reconfig @@MV_PAGE@@]apply now</A>)</TD>

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