[ic] Re: Big Login Problem, :backup, access.Asc , and an encryption problem

Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 09:46:24 -0800

At 03:31 AM 03/20/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>It's me again (Alan Young) with my Big Login Problem.
>I am trying to get in to my admin area, thanks to all of you for telling me
>about access.asc. and the :backup back door. That is the only way I could
>get in to my site.
>So I go in to /var/lib/interchange/construct/products/access.asc
>I see a line in access.asc describing my admin user and it says....
>username    password name             last_login                 super etc
>admin        123                 Alan Young            985173411 1 2ndDayAir
>Ground NextDay etc
>The password 123 got there because I logged in as :backup and I clicked
>administration, then tables, then I chose the table named access.
>Then I typed 123.  Then I went back to telnet and viewed access.asc and
>there it was, clear as day , the password was 123.
>But the 123 password never got encrypted when it is stored in access.asc, so
>when I then try to login as user=admin, password=123 , I never am able to
>log in, it says Failure: Password mismatch.
>So the administrative interface is not encrypting my password before it puts
>it in to my access.asc table.
>Ideas? Solutions? Suggestions? Is this a bug, or do I have some encryption
>setting messed up? There are so many parameters to set, I must have missed
>something in the install maybe.

Please trim the enclosures in your replies - it looks like you had an 
entire week's worth of postings attached to this one!

The quickest way I can think of to solve your trouble is to make another 
catalog with a different name. Pay close attention to the username and 
password you enter for Super User (when prompted by makecat).  Then copy 
the access.asc from the products directory of that new catalog to the same 
place in your existing catalog.  This should force access.gdbm to be 
rebuilt with the new Admin entries - you can delete access.gdbm, just to 
ensure that it gets rebuilt.  When all is well and you can log in to the 
admin area, you can delete the other catalog and remove it from 

- Ed L.

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