[ic] Re: Big Login Problem, :backup, access.Asc , and an encryption problem

Young Family ary@communicationfactory.com
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 10:15:32 -0800

You wrote
> Please trim the enclosures in your replies - it looks like you had an
> entire week's worth of postings attached to this one!

OK sorry

> The quickest way I can think of to solve your trouble is to make another
> catalog with a different name. Pay close attention to the username and
> password you enter for Super User (when prompted by makecat).  Then copy
> the access.asc from the products directory of that new catalog to the same
> place in your existing catalog.  This should force access.gdbm to be
> rebuilt with the new Admin entries - you can delete access.gdbm, just to
> ensure that it gets rebuilt.  When all is well and you can log in to the
> admin area, you can delete the other catalog and remove it from
> interchange.cfg.

So, I guess I could look at the code for makecat and figure out how it
encrypts and then write my own decrypt script . Is that where it is