[ic] Product maint.

Jason Korkin jason@korksoft.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:28:42 -0500

The only problem with using Excel is that it truncates fields... you
need to watch out for that.  A good solution is if you are running under
a MySQL database use something like PHPAdmin - that gives you the
flexibility you need.


Jason Korkin.

Dan McFarland wrote:
> Make sure you save in in a TAB delimited form.  When you open it, there is a
> second field for delimiter that defaults to ".  Remove it as well.  When you
> save it, save it back as a tab delimited text file and choose the options to
> save it as it is, not in excel format.
> (I agree, Excel -well, Microsoft in general, are some pretty lame products
> with very little flexibility)
> Works for me! :)
> Dan

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