[ic] DBI error - syntax error in CREATE INDEX?

Dan Garwood res087jh@verizon.net
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:13:56 -0500

Well it would seem that your dbi for postgres is not install properly would
be my first guess. after taht I am not knowledgable in postgres, for I use
MYSQL. I would try reinstalling the DBD and DBI perl modules again.
Dan Garwood

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Hi, all -

Using IC 4.6.3 (RPM install)  I created a catalog that uses Postgres;
for the most part everything seems to work fine.

But - in my catalog's error.log file - the following line appears:

[09/March/2001 ...] mycatalog - DBI: Post creation query 'create
 index on order_number (order_number)' failed: ERROR:
 DefineIndex: order_number relation not found

The SQL that's apparently causing the error is in order_returns.pgsql.
That's about all I've been able to figure out...

The problem is that no table etc. named "order_number" exists.  Does
anyone know what's going on, what's causing this, how to fix it / what
its really trying to do, etc.?  Is this going to mess up the way returns
are processed by IC?


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