Configuration Management .... Re: [ic] Re: Big Login Problem, :backup, access.Asc , and an encryption problem

Young Family
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:28:56 -0800

Thanks to you all for the help, I guess I got it working now, what a
I can now succesfully log in and out, but I cannot successfully change the
password using the administrative interface, as the adfministrative
interface saves things in clear text, not encrypted.
But at least it is working now. I am sure that is a bug, I think...

Ok now to the next step.... configuration management.
The way I understand Interchange to work, I change the setup using the
administrative interface, and then the page changes are "live" as soon as I
click save. What if I want to work on a "pending" store with proposed
changes and then when the boss says it is okay, flip a switch and it is now
the live copy?  I need to flip flop between copies so that there is always a
"live shop" and a "proposed next version" shop? I am thinking that I just
copy the live directory to a backup directory, and then that is that, but
what problems will I come against? How do I keep the sales records rolling
forward, but the catalog and web site content managed by a "flip-flop" type
approach? What tables should always keep moving forward.

In other words,  using the "Akopia Three Tiered Approach"

Technical Implementor
Site Designer
Store Administrator
The site designer wants to work on a proposed site and see it functioning in
a test mode before it is posted live. The we want to flip a switch and see
the new content go public, ans start working on a new version offline again

The store administrator does NOT want to go back and lose sales records, so
there is no "configuration management" need for him.

The technical implementor (poor old me) is trying to figure out how to make
this happen.

Can the many Interchange tables be identified as to their function and split
out so that a version control/configuration management type system could be
put in place?  If this content configuration management feature were put in
to place, this system would rival the Vignette Story Server big boys.

What is the scope of a project that would add these features?

Alan Young