Bug found: was Re: [ic] DBI error - syntax error in CREATE INDEX?

LM lmorley@flexihost.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 16:41:06 -0800

I think I've found & fixed the problem I reported in my original post -
it stems from a bug / error in the SQL code that Interchange puts in
order_returns.pgsql :

CREATE INDEX order_returns_order_number ON
   order_number (order_number)

The problem is after the ON - there's no table etc. named
"order_number".  After looking at the code in order_returns.ora,
and seeing how the index is creted there, the above statement
should read (I think):

CREATE INDEX order_returns_order_number ON
   order_returns (order_number)

I issued that command from the postgres command line utility (psql);
it worked...  Had to make the same change to the template
dbconf/pgsql/order_returns.pgsql too, so the error won't carry over
into any catalogs I create in the future.

Has anyone else had and fixed the same problem?  And, is there
anyone who's set up Interchange with Postgres who's willing to pass
along their experiences (off-list would be fine)?


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> Hi, all -
> Using IC 4.6.3 (RPM install)  I created a catalog that uses Postgres;
> for the most part everything seems to work fine.
> But - in my catalog's error.log file - the following line appears:
> [09/March/2001 ...] mycatalog - DBI: Post creation query 'create
>  index on order_number (order_number)' failed: ERROR:
>  DefineIndex: order_number relation not found
> The SQL that's apparently causing the error is in order_returns.pgsql.
> That's about all I've been able to figure out...
> The problem is that no table etc. named "order_number" exists.  Does
> anyone know what's going on, what's causing this, how to fix it / what
> its really trying to do, etc.?  Is this going to mess up the way returns
> are processed by IC?