Bug found: was Re: [ic] DBI error - syntax error in CREATE INDEX?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:59:09 -0500

Quoting LM (lmorley@flexihost.com):
> I think I've found & fixed the problem I reported in my original post -
> it stems from a bug / error in the SQL code that Interchange puts in
> order_returns.pgsql :
> CREATE INDEX order_returns_order_number ON
>    order_number (order_number)
> The problem is after the ON - there's no table etc. named
> "order_number".  After looking at the code in order_returns.ora,
> and seeing how the index is creted there, the above statement
> should read (I think):
> CREATE INDEX order_returns_order_number ON
>    order_returns (order_number)
> I issued that command from the postgres command line utility (psql);
> it worked...  Had to make the same change to the template
> dbconf/pgsql/order_returns.pgsql too, so the error won't carry over
> into any catalogs I create in the future.
> Has anyone else had and fixed the same problem?  And, is there
> anyone who's set up Interchange with Postgres who's willing to pass
> along their experiences (off-list would be fine)?

That is the problem -- it is benign, though, and shouldn't have caused
anything but a speed decrease.

Thanks for the find and fix. Fixed in CVS.

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