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Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 15:15:34 -0800

At 05:55 PM 03/22/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Quoting David Schnardthorst - Eregion (daves@eregion.org):
> > I have found a lot of postings concerning integration with
> > Paypal.  However, I have not found anybody yet who has complete
> > integration.  Has this occurred yet, and if so, where can
> > I get some examples.
>It is easy to *get to* PayPal, just not so easy to get back.
>Integrating is as simple as providing a button on the checkout
>page. But completing the order is at the whim of the buyer, who
>would have to click the link paypal.com provides on the payment
>final page.
>That is the problem with most of the send-them-to-a-website payment
>Possible workarounds include setting up an email parser that would
>receive emailed order notifications from PayPal and complete the order,
>etc. And if by some chance PayPal allows a "silent post" then it
>can be completed.
>Unfortunately they appear to have no developer integration links on
>their website; I have looked (as recently as two days ago) and there
>is no technical info on how to integrate.
>Right now there is and can be no module. No one has ever ponied up with
>consulting dollars to have us integrate one, and there has been no
>user-integrated module. And without technical info, I won't spend my
>time working in the dark to do one.

...I went as far as to contact them, proposing that they consider some type 
of gateway or "silent post" interface for their services, explaining that I 
and/or others would most likely hammer out some kind of support for such a 
service in Interchange and put it into the code base.  We had a few 
exchanges via email and they collected a slew of data from me (probably for 
marketing).  That was more than two months ago - no word since.  I don't 
think they are ready for it right now, or they just don't see the benefit 
to them.

- Ed L.

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