[ic] Re: Paypal

Matthew Schick mschick@brightredproductions.com
22 Mar 2001 18:06:55 -0600

On 22 Mar 2001 15:15:34 -0800, Ed LaFrance wrote:
> At 05:55 PM 03/22/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >Quoting David Schnardthorst - Eregion (daves@eregion.org):
> > > I have found a lot of postings concerning integration with
> > > Paypal.  However, I have not found anybody yet who has complete
> > > integration.  Has this occurred yet, and if so, where can
> > > I get some examples.
> >
> >It is easy to *get to* PayPal, just not so easy to get back.
> >
> >Integrating is as simple as providing a button on the checkout
> >page. But completing the order is at the whim of the buyer, who
> >would have to click the link paypal.com provides on the payment
> >final page.
> >
> >That is the problem with most of the send-them-to-a-website payment
> >providers.
> >
> >Possible workarounds include setting up an email parser that would
> >receive emailed order notifications from PayPal and complete the order,
> >etc. And if by some chance PayPal allows a "silent post" then it
> >can be completed.
> >
> >Unfortunately they appear to have no developer integration links on
> >their website; I have looked (as recently as two days ago) and there
> >is no technical info on how to integrate.
> >
> >Right now there is and can be no module. No one has ever ponied up with
> >consulting dollars to have us integrate one, and there has been no
> >user-integrated module. And without technical info, I won't spend my
> >time working in the dark to do one.
> >
> ...I went as far as to contact them, proposing that they consider some type 
> of gateway or "silent post" interface for their services, explaining that I 
> and/or others would most likely hammer out some kind of support for such a 
> service in Interchange and put it into the code base.  We had a few 
> exchanges via email and they collected a slew of data from me (probably for 
> marketing).  That was more than two months ago - no word since.  I don't 
> think they are ready for it right now, or they just don't see the benefit 
> to them.
> - Ed L.

I also have contacted them with the same proposal, with the answer being
that they simply did not see the need for a compatible interface.....  I
guess when you corner a market you don't have to work with anyone else.
IMHO, any of the solutions for integrating PayPal and Interchange I have
found are just too complicated and involved to be feasable.  Like Mike
said, the problem isn't the Interchange > PayPal communcation.... it's
getting the approval information back from them after the fact.


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