[ic] Interchange 4.6.4 now available

Jeff Carnahan jcarnahan@networq.com
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 21:59:51 -0800

}(2) Added the excellent Apache module mod_interchange, written by Francis
}J. Lacoste of iNsu Innovations Inc. It can be used instead of the standard
}vlink or tlink programs to connect Apache to Interchange.

Jon: It looks like this didn't make it into the distribution (no
mod_interchange directory in dist/src) .. although I do see it in CVS .. The
README file indicates that the only changes made from mod_minivend was
renaming instances of "Minivend" to "Interchange"... So no additional
functionality has been added at this point?

And for those of you interested, YES it will increase performance. If you
are using a standard CGI executable for handling IC requests, your webserver
is allocating resources, forking and then executing that cgi program. Once
finished it needs to clean up what's left (properly terminate the process)
and reclaim the resources it was given/used. This causes quite a slowdown
when you have any significant level of traffic. Moving the functionality of
the basic cgi script needed to communicate with IC into a Apache module
significantly increases speed because no resources need to be allocated or a
process forked. Apache can communicate directly with the running IC process.

Jeff Carnahan - jcarnahan@networq.com