[ic] Will upgrading interchange clobber existing catalogs?

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sat, 24 Mar 2001 23:48:43 -0500

> Will upgrading interchange clobber existing catalogs?


Quoting Dominic Tey Kek Keong (interchange@dominic.per.sg):
> Hi, I have quite a number of catalogs done up in interchange-4.6.1 
> (12 in all) and with this new version of interchange-4.6.4 I would like 
> to upgrade it to take advantage of the security fix as well as 
> mod_interchange among others.

The security fix is as easy as removing the :backup record from
access.asc in your products directory, but the new UserDB module
won't allow a login from :backup so that will work too.

> My reluctance is having to resusitate the various catalogs if 
> anything goes wrong. OUCH!
> If there's a better / safer way to do it, I would really appreciate any 
> tips on it.
> Thanks in advance for any or no help :-)

You should be able to simply install over the top of your existing 4.6.1
with no impact and no changes necessary. Just tar up a backup of the
interchange software directory just in case.

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