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I did this by running a search builder, and setting in it the majority of
the parameters I wanted to search with on the links (case sensitivity,
number of records returned, and so on).

To get the link to use (I'm sure there's an easier way to do this, but I
didn't think of one), I just set that search as a category in my menu for a
few minutes, copied the shortcut, and then took it back out again.  Then you
take the shortcut that you just copied, paste it, remove everything after
the "n.html" at the end, and then just change the categories you're
searching as you see fit.

Here's an example link based on the one I made for mine:


And of course, change the yourdomain.com/cgi-bin to your own path, and
CATEGORYHERE to the category you're wanting it to pull up.

Hope this helps some.


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On page 54 of the FAQ section of the Interchange Templates manual it shows
how to place an order link on an ordinary HTML page as:
<A HREF="/cgi-bin/construct/order?mv_order_item=SKU_OF_ITEM">Order</A>

How does one place a link that will instead bring up a list of products
satisfying some criterion (some field in the products database). This list
should allow the customer to select items and order them.

Thanks again, Jim

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