[ic] UPS 1.25% Surcharge

Zack Johnson zack@office.standardprinting.net
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 12:14:59 -0500

As of August of 2000, UPS has imposed a 1.25% Fuel Surcharge on most
shipments.  I have updated our shop to the Feb. 5 2001 price increase, but
am unable to implement the surcharge.  This question seems to have been
posed in this list before, but with no response.  Since, ostensibly,
everyone on this list who ships UPS has been effected by this charge, there
must be some fix I'm missing entirely.

I would like to perform something like:

    [calc] mv_shipping_cost * 1.0125 [/calc]

or in 'shipping.asc':

upsg UPS Ground weight 0 150 u Ground [default zip 320880]

However, I can't seem to make anything work given what I've read (and

Am I missing something obvious, or do I just misunderstand how Interchange
is processing the shipping costs?

Thanks to all,