[ic] Coupon codes...

Ryan Hertz rhertz@baits.com
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 19:11:20 -0700

At 06:50 PM 3/26/01 , Jim Balcom wrote:
>I think that if a person goes to that much work to find out a discount
>code that they deserve to get it.
>I'm not going to knowingly set a discount code that will cause me to
>lose money, so it's no real disaster if they do find it out.
>And, as you said, as long as I am generating some revenue that's a good
>thing. I'll get them the next time that they come back and I've changed
>the discount codes.

I'm sure a very simple check and balance would take care of 
that...  depending on how you distribute the codes to your 
customers.  Something like a standard promotional code followed by the 
Soundex of their last name would work well.  The Soundex could even be 
"ignored" and just used to track who is giving out promo codes to their 
friends. :-)  Sorry -- I'm just always looking for a good use for 

>When I order from Uline on line I will call their customer service
>number on the phone to get the current discount codes to use. They give
>them to me without a problem.

Hey, could you get me some 4'x3.5" spiral cardboard tubes? :-D

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