[ic] search error: Search strings must be at least 1 characters

Ryan Hertz rhertz@baits.com
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 20:14:31 -0700

At 07:37 PM 3/26/01 , Zachary Matthews wrote:
>My log files are filled with the following error:
>'search error: Search strings must be at least 1 characters'
>I have set up several searches where users enter mv_searchspec in a text
>field.  When they don't enter any words, but click the search button, my
>log file records the above error.  Also, I have several in page searches
>designed to return all records -- for example:

[page scan="ra=yes/fi=products/st=db"] or such should work.

I wouldn't worry about someone entering null in the search text field... if 
they want to see all the products, a link, such as above, should be handy 
for them.  ;-)


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