[ic] A point of concern about choosing the Interchange cart

Master Abductor abductor@abductor.com
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 23:23:25 -0800

If I may clarify my previous post: The images displaying in the demo store
are pretty small, and the images I already created for most of my products
are much larger.

I'm just learning about the Interchange cart, and I just caught something
about it's features that my be undesirable for me.

In the demo, the images for products are small (as is the preference on many
sites these days). However many of my products are videos and CD-ROM's, and
for our old cart we created images that are actually collages of screen
shots from the videos or CD's. The default sizes of these images is too
small. Is there a way to easily configure the store to display larger
images, or open a big image in a separate window perhaps?

I'm also not crazy about the fact that mostly the store items are listed
with small text hyperlinks, and you have to click on text to see a picture.
I would prefer to have thumbnails along with the text hyperlinks. Again is
this "going against the grain" of the store?


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