[ic] my need field page is not working properly

Christopher VanOosterhout chris@vanoosterhout.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 09:16:06 -0500


I am operating a two stores.  One is working properly and the other gets 
hung up during the form verification process at checkout.

Both stores include a needfield.html page in the special pages directory.

Within that page I have included the following line:

<p><b>[error all=1 show_var=1 show_error=1 joiner='<br>']</b></p>

In the version that does NOT work, the html prints out the <p><b></b></p> 
from above, but not the error (in brackets [ ] ).

Also this page come up the same way if there is an error or if there is 
not.  No matter if I have included the correct information in all fields or 
included no information in any field, I get the needfield page showing 
there is an error ... but not printing the error.

So ... no one can check out.  Any ideas?