[ic] Server question

Jim Balcom jim@idk-enterprises.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:49:40 -0500

> Am new to shopping carts and the such and am having problems.
> I've tar'ed the files to cgi-bin. After many trials and errors, am I
> right in concluding that Interchange will not run from within (example)
> = "www.domainname.com/cgi-bin/interchange" ??
> I also note that the tarball method created a foldr called
> "interchange-4.6.4" with sub-dirs. The files, when looking through them,
> PL's etc., want to look in "interchange". Hmmm

>From what you have written, it appears that you have skipped a few steps.

I downloaded the tarball into /usr/local/src (just my personal hang-up)
I ran 'tar -xzvf interchange*'
This created it's own sub-directory for interchange.
Do a cd to that sub-directory and run ./configure

This is going to install all of the stuff that you need to make the
Interchange server work before you can set up any catalogs. I told mine to
put it all in /usr/local/interchange - which is one of the places that it
wanted to do it.

I recommend that, as much as possible, you stick to the locations and the
preferences that it wants to put things.

NOTE: This process can take (literally) several hours. It needs to gather up
a lot of things off of the Internet. The program is intelligent enough to go
and get them and  to install them. I've played with too many packages that
will make you go and find some other package, install it, and get it
running, and then you have to come back and start over, and then go and get
other packages. I've had to go several layers deep to get this all working.
Interchange is not like that. It will go and get the stuff, install it and
test it. But, frequently it needs to start all over again once it gets a
necessary package installed. At the end, you may end up with an error. If
you run ./configure again, after it's got everything in that it wants, you
should get an error-free installation.

It's ONLY after this that you can start installing catalogs. This sets up
and installs the server. Without an operational server, you can't set up any
catalogs or do anything.

-= Jim =-