[ic] How to deploy Interchange Project

Ryan Hertz rhertz@baits.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:03:10 -0700

Try copying your interchange.cfg from the original server to your new 
install and restart.  :-)

At 05:08 AM 3/27/01 , you wrote:
>Hi all
>What is the best way to move one interchange project from one host to
>another. I did it by copying all project files after installing interchange
>on the new server but when interchange server starts I get the following
>"Directive ProductFiles returned default setting error: No defualt search
>In line ...
>ActionMap ui_download <<EOR
>How to put the members only feature working in the barry exampl. I try to
>change this setting and doesn´t work like it should ?
>I use interchange 4.5 that came with redhat 7
>Thank You in advance
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