[ic] Alpha test version 4.7.1 available

Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 00:32:23 -0800

At 12:45 AM 3/28/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>We've packaged up the latest development version of Interchange for an
>alpha test. Those who've been following work committed to CVS, or hardy
>souls looking for i-adventure with e-Interchange are encouraged to dust
>off a spare server and try out Interchange 4.7.1.

[snip some great humor]

>Let us know how it works for you.

Works great!  I've got it running my 4.6.4 era catalogs just fine (on 
pgsql) except some pages that have dan-esqe perl code.  I'm looking into 
that.  On the other hand, the new foundation template had some 
trouble.  E.g. I couldn't get any flypages to come up.  I kept getting 
apache "error 500" and interchange "page () does not exist" errors.

Also, makecat seemed to have some terminal troubles; some questions would 
overwrite previous ones on the screen.  (When using ssh for the 
terminal).  I'm also very excited about the following things:

o Better database stuff:
         o New transaction support (with PostgreSQL)
         o DEFAULT values in database (at the interchange level, not db level)
         o ALTERNATE_DSN values - I plan to use this to setup failover db 
         o FileDatabase - to store *all* files off-disk (easier clustering)
o base-sku with "varient sku" add-ons

Later, all,

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com