[ic] A point of concern about choosing the Interchange cart

Rene Hertell rene@hertell.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:39:09 +0300

Try this script, you will probably like it :)
This closes automatically the popup-window when it looses focus.

I personally hate all popup windows because they have to been closed
manually, and they usually popup without my "permission" :). So this script
is a sort of a compromise...

var roam = null;
function AutoClose() {
roam =
function blowOut(){if (roam != null && roam.open) roam.close();}

<a href="javascript:AutoClose()">Test</a>


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> Subject: [ic] A point of concern about choosing the Interchange cart
> I'm just learning about the Interchange cart, and I just caught something
> about it's features that my be undesirable for me.
> In the demo, the images for products are small (as is the
> preference on many
> sites these days). However many of my products are videos and
> CD-ROM's, and
> for our old cart we created images that are actually collages of screen
> shots from the videos or CD's. The default sizes of these images is too
> small. Is there a way to easily configure the store to display larger
> images, or open a big image in a separate window perhaps?
> I'm also not crazy about the fact that mostly the store items are listed
> with small text hyperlinks, and you have to click on text to see
> a picture.
> I would prefer to have thumbnails along with the text hyperlinks. Again is
> this "going against the grain" of the store?
> Thanks,
> Greg
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