[ic] SendMail is Working ... How to send out confirmation emails

Christopher VanOosterhout chris@vanoosterhout.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 08:14:49 -0500


Thanks for the reply.

Send mail is in fact working.  The reason I know this, is because I, as the 
administrator/OrderToPerson get a copy of the order for 
processing.  However I a copy does not get sent to the customer.   It seems 
to me that there also would have to be some way to configure this "to the 
customer email."

After searching more through the archives I have found other pieces ... but 
can not seem to put it all together.

I am confused as to if a lot of the references in the docs and FAQs 
are  out of date.   There is talk about a report. file, a report.html file 
and a form_mail.cfg file.  I can find the report.html, and I think I 
understand that one.

I can not however find either the form_mail.cfg or the report. file.  Is 
there any documentation on this?

What files are actually needed?
What changes or modifications are needed in the catalog.cfg files?

When you say that this confirmation email functionality works out of the 
box, do you mean the simple demo?  I see a lot of reference to that demo in 
the documentation, however I did not get that with my distribution.  I got 
"construct" and those files do not seem to be included.

What am I missing?

Could someone send me a copy of the needed configuration changes?



At 03:46 PM 3/27/2001 -0800, Dan B wrote:
>At 02:50 PM 3/27/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>>I was searching the archives to find instructions about how to send a 
>>confirmation email to my customers.
>The construct template comes with this functionality "out of the box".
>  o When an order is placed, a confirmation email is sent.
>  o When an order status is changed to "shipped", another confirmation 
> email is sent.
>If it's not happening for you, are you sure your sendmail config is 
>correct?  (Try 'cat some_file | mail testaddress@domain.com' to see if you 
>have some rudimentary functionality).
>Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com
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