[ic] [fly-list] for arbitrary databases doesn't work?

Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:51:06 -0800

Hi all -

It seems that the [fly-list] tag no longer works for non-products tables on 
a custom flypage - at least not like it used to.  I have tried it with the 
base=table option to try to force the lookups to a particular table, still 
to not avail.  It used to be (in MV) that one could pull data from one or 
several arbitrary tables (and products for that matter) thusly:

go to my_fly.html: [page my_fly akey]Go[/page]

[fly-list code="[data session arg]"]
         [item-field foo]   #this would get 'foo' from table products for 
the current key
         [item-data info bar] #this would get 'bar' from table info for the 
current key

...it doesn't seem to work this way any more.  Are there new directives 
required to make this work?  I don't want to add a bunch of arbitrary 
databases to the ProductFiles directive just to get this to work.  I guess 
I can use [loop..] instead, but why has the fly-list functionality been 

- Ed L.

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