[ic] expireall and server --start fail to run in crontab (was: Where is checkstat.sh?)

Jason Kohles jkohles@redhat.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:30:11 -0500

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 02:48:08PM -0600, Curt Hauge wrote:
> And it works! Thank you very much, Jason, and everyone that offered
> assistance! I don't know why 'bin/expireall -r' didn't work, while
> 'bin/interchange' would run from cron. Now if I could only get rid of that
> pesky server mail which is piling up every time cron runs 'bin/interchange'.
> The -q switch at least suppresses catalog reconfig messages, but do they
> need to be re-configured so often? I mean, what if someone had 20 cats
> online and running bin/interchange from cron every 10 minutes (like myself)?
> Of course, I want to know when the server went down and how often, but no
> need to know that it is running. Perhaps there is yet a better way (or some
> kind of /switch) to accomplish this in Interchange without filling the
> mailbox? =)
The real answer here would probably be to stop restarting interchange
from cron every 10 minutes, I can't think of any reason that you would
need to restart it so often, however if you really want to do that, you
can add '> /dev/null 2>&1' to the end of your crontab line, and the errors
will not get emailed to you.

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