[ic] Adding Quantity to Page

Jack Lauman jlauman@nwcascades.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 14:02:23 -0800

I am using the following code to display a list of products from the
database in a table.

I need to replace the checkbox with a quantity field.  What do I need
to change?

Also, is it necessary to have two sort statements or can they be
combined into one?

<table cellpadding=5>
<th>Course #</th>
<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="[process_order]">
[loop search="ra=yes/fi=products"
<td><input type=checkbox name="mv_order_item" value=[loop-code]></td>
<td>[loop-field comment]</td>
<td align=right>[loop-field price]</td>
<input type=hidden name="mv_doit" value="refresh">
<input type=submit name="mv_junk" value="Order the Checked Items"