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> I apologize for wasting everyone's time, but I had two quick 
> questions.
> 1. Where are the templates stored for a store?

Umm, where were they put? Probably where the other guy said if you didn't
put them there.

> 2. How to I make Interchange publish the static pages to the 
> root of the
> companies website? Right now it is putting all the static 
> pages under a
> subdirectory.

Configure the catalog that way.
[ie From catalog.cfg]
#Variable    SERVER_NAME     www.yourcompany.com
#Variable    CGI_URL         /cgi-bin/catalog
#Variable    SECURE_SERVER   http://www.yourcompany.com
#Variable    ORDERS_TO       orders@yourcompany.com
#Variable    IMAGE_DIR       /images
#Variable    DOCROOT         /users/yourcompany/public_html
#Variable    SAMPLEHTML      /users/yourcompany/public_html
#Variable    SAMPLEURL       http://www.yourcompany.com

or whatever and wherever.
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