[ic] Problems with javascript

Neil Lunn neillunn@gunz.com.au
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 20:13:47 +1000

You might want to try looking at the differences in how the popup code is
impemented in the source available from here:


This is supposed to be tested for Netscape and IE.


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> Hi
> This is little bit out of this list, but anyway.
> I have problems with Javascript and Netscape browser. My site uses
> javascript and <DIV> tags to create menu popup's which works 
> fine with IE,
>  but with Netscape there is a problem. When I resize browser 
> Netscape will
> crash, any suggestions what is wrong.
> I have attached my SEL_LEFT_TOP file.
> You can have a look and test in site is 
> still under
> heavy construction, but will be released soon.
> BR, Pete
>  <<SEL_LEFT_TOP>> 

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