[ic] Recursive Perl Function?

Neil Lunn neillunn@gunz.com.au
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:31:11 +1000

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> Subject: [ic] Recursive Perl Function?
> Hi there,
> We would like to add a simple Bulletin Board system to one of 
> our systems.
> The simple solution is to add a function which display a line from the
> BBtable, calls itself to see if there are any "children" 
> which in turn calls
> itself and so on.
> Fairly simple to do in Visual Basic my programming language 
> of choice until
Nah, I won't say it!

> recently, but far more difficult in Interchange.  I 
> experimented with a
> UserTag, but then the UserTag would need to call itself using 
> an Interchange
> tag.

I don't think so. Whatever output you require for the UserTag should be
parsed and presented. Maybe you want to generate the "table" output within
the function (given input parameters) and then output it to the page. i.e.
One tag.

Maybe you are not putting a sub within a sub i.e.. Think of the UserTag sub
as a program, the recursive function is a subroutine within it. Shouldn't be
anything wrong with that. It's legal in Perl.

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