[ic] Simple question

Ken Lyons info@4co.de
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:26:01 +0200

My database is too big....over 100 MB, (using standard database type)
and is taking forever to search.
I know IC can can use more tables (separate files that act as one database)
but don't know what commands need to be put in the config file.

Say the big database has 10 columns of data (sku,  price, x1, x2, x3, xxx)
I want to use   10 files instead  each having one column of data and the SKU for line reference.
file1= sku, price
file2= sku, x1
file3= sku, x2

What commands do I put in catalog.cfg, to load these tables (files)?

I also want to use the 'One-Click searches in a drop down box' so searches would be 
confined to only one file saving 90% of the time (as it doesn't search the other columns).